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Now granted 'Charitable Status'..

5th December 2012. Last night at the Annual meeting TWIG was officially dissolved, read about in 'New s-hoots' All funds now donated to the Green Light Trust.

This site will remain active as a warning to other groups that may have similar good intentions, as to what can happen when a person takes it upon themselves to destroy community projects and members of that community do not unite to prevent them.




The News page 'New s-hoots' will be updated as often as possible,  every month or so...?

What the Site is about....  TWIG

Based in the Village of Tillingham in Essex, this group of local enthusiasts and their supporters, TWIGS, are working to tackle the lost environment of the Dengie.  Thousands of full grown trees have been destroyed during the past 100 years, many by the hand of man.  We are trying to actively restore many of the trees and hedgerows to the area.  Sadly healthy trees are still being felled.....


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